We have three shipping options for customers to choose: shipping by Air Freight, shipping by land Transport and local pick-up.

1): Shipping by Air Freight

After a customer has successfully completed the purchase of a puppy and payment confirmed against a receipt, the shipping process starts immediately. First, we issue a change of ownership document under the full names of the new customer/owner. The change of ownership document will be certified by a lawyer to make transfer of ownership to be legal. Then we also dispatch the puppy delivery papers bearing the full names and address of the new owner. The last step will be to prepare the purchased puppy before delivery commences. We will pack the puppy’s toys, we file all the health and vaccination papers, clean and sanitize the delivery crate before taking the puppy to the airport for registration.

Then the airport will contact you with the full flight details on how you will be receiving the new family member(puppy). That is, the departure and arrival times.

Our puppy shipping Service which handles the delivery process has been developed to make sure that every possible detail is covered when providing transportation of a puppy by air. We treat puppies as new family members and we make sure they arrive safely to their new loving families. The goal is to provide you with the best experience when adopting your pet. We understand customers are always anxious when waiting to meet the newest member of the family. so, we strive to make your shipping experience quick and easy.

(1a) Standard shipping costs $205. From experience, Once puppiess are shipped out, they arrive in approximately 4 – 6 hours later.

(1b) once your purchase order and payment is confirmed, it takes 6 hours maximum for your dog to be shipped and delivered to your provided address. In most cases lesser than 6 hours.

2): Ship by Specialized Ground Service (Land Transport).

You also have the option of having your puppy delivered by van right to your doorsteps using a Pet Transport service that delivers to all destinations in the continental U.S. and Canada. The Cost for this service varies according to distance and location. This is the most expensive of the three ways to get your puppy delivered.

3): Local pick-up

Local pickup is available for you to come see the puppies and pay by cash. But you have to make a deposit so that we can prepare the reservation papers and put the puppy on hold. Then we set up an appointment date for the customer to come and pick up the puppy. Also remember to put on a face mask when coming to pick up the puppy. It is obligatory to get tested for covid19. so that you protect us and we protect you.

Please carefully choose which delivery option is best for you.

Air freight, land transport or local pick up?